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leather balm

leather balm

equiXTREME® leather balm for easy and intensive care of riding and driving equipment

• can easily be distributed without residue
• leaves no traces at the seams
• maintains and nourishes the leather optimally
• makes the leather tear and non-slip
• suitable for all smooth leather
• colorless, therefore suitable for all leather colors
• keeps the leather soft and resistant
• protects the leather from water
• improves the durability of the leather

equiXTREME® leather balm in the practical can including sponge.

Only a small amount necessary for great results.

175ml/ 6 oz (US)


8,54€ / 100 ml

Preis inkl. MwSt.

Product Description:

equiXTREME® leather balm is ideal for the care of riding and riding equipment.

Due to the particularly fine consistency, equiXTREME® leather balm can be distributed very easily without leaving residues at the seams. The leather gets a pleasant warm feel and shines quite wonderfully.

How to Apply:

Apply equiXTREME® leather balm with the enclosed sponge or a soft cloth onto the clean and dry leather. Re-polish if necessary.

For safety, always first test on an inconspicuous spot on product compatibility such as test for color fastness.


Water (aqua), Beeswax, soybean oil, soyamidopropyl betaine, cetyl alcohol